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Our Mission and Focus

Chur Maori is all about pumping up maori people and encouraging them to get outside the box. Many of our maori are lost when it comes to starting a business as know very few if any business leaders to look up to. The majority of inspirational leaders that are recognised are either sports players or entertainers however our talents do not stop there. We want to showcase other successful Maori so that others can learn and gather the courage create a better life.

The Podcast

Chur Maori podcast where we interview maori people in business, share their stories and help inspire our maori people to be their own boss and get ahead in life. This is but one way that we can share the knowledge of other maori have been able to create an income of their own. That way we can prove to other maori that anything is possible.

Business Community

Become a part of our business community where we can share ideas and use each others resources and knowledge to grow faster and get out of obscurity. Join our Facebook group today so you can stay up to date with our latest Podcasts, events, and all things maori.

or Call Us for Advice at:

0416 860 557

or CALL US for advice at:

0416 860 557